This part is a kind of semiconductor called B125XW01-V0.

Function of this product has HD 16:9 Color TFT-LCD.

Manufacturers : AUO

Image and pinout :

B125XW01-V0 image and datasheet pinout

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Global LCD Panel Exchange Center Product Specification AU OPTRONICS CORPORATION ( V ) Preliminary Specifications ( ) Final Specifications Module Model Name Note 12.5”(12.49”) HD 16:9 Color TFT-LCD with LED Backlight design B125XW01 V0 (H/W:1A) LED Backlight with driving circuit design 9 Color Management (Virtual and Rich Color Solution ) 9 Dynamic Contrast Ratio (Power Saving Solution) Customer Date Approved by Date Emerson Huang 2011/01/20 Checked & Approved by Date Prepared by Date Jimmy Lin 2011/01/18 Note: This Specification is subject to change without notice. NBBU Marketing Division AU Optronics corporation B125XW01 V0 Document Version : 0.1 1 of 29 One step solution for LCD / PDP / OLED panel application: Datasheet, inventory and accessory! [ ... ]

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