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This part is a kind of semiconductor called BDX34B.

Function of this product has Darlington Complementary Silicon Power Transistors.

Manufacturers : Motorola Inc

Image and pinout :

BDX34B image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA Order this document by BDX33B/D Darlington Complementary Silicon Power Transistors . . . designed for general purpose and low speed switching applications. • High DC Current Gain hFE = 2500 (typ.) at IC = 4.0 • Collector–Emitter Sustaining Voltage at 100 mAdc VCEO(sus) = 80 Vdc (min.) BDX33B, 34B VCEO(sus) = 100 Vdc (min.) BDX33C, 34C • Low Collector–Emitter Saturation Voltage VCE(sat) = 2.5 Vdc (max.) at IC = 3.0 Adc BDX33B, 33C/34B, 34C • Monolithic Construction with Build–In Base–Emitter Shunt resistors • TO–220AB Compact Package MAXIMUM RATINGS BDX33B BDX33C* BDX34B * BDX34C *Motorola Preferred Device NPN PNP ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ ÎÎ [ ... ]

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BDX34B pdf

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BDX34B PDF Datasheet Download

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