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This part is a kind of semiconductor called BCR141F.

Function of this product has NPN Silicon Digital Transistor.

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies AG

Image and pinout :

BCR141F image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

BCR141.../SEMH1 NPN Silicon Digital Transistor • Switching circuit, inverter, interface circuit, driver circuit • Built in bias resistor (R1=22kΩ, R2=22kΩ) • For 6-PIN packages: two (galvanic) internal isolated transistors with good matching in one package BCR141/F/L3 BCR141T/W C 3 BCR141S/U SEMH1 C1 6 B2 5 E2 4 R1 R1 R2 TR2 R1 R2 TR1 R2 1 B 2 E EHA07184 1 E1 2 B1 3 C2 EHA07174 Type BCR141 BCR141F BCR141L3 BCR141S BCR141T BCR141U BCR141W SEMH1 Marking WDs WDs WD WDs WDs WDs WDs WD 1=B 1=B 1=B 1=B 1=B Pin Configuration 2=E 2=E 2=E 2=E 2=E 3=C 3=C 3=C 3=C 3=C - Package SOT23 TSFP-3 TSLP-3-4 SC75 SOT323 1=E1 2=B1 3=C2 4=E2 5=B2 6=C1 SOT363 1=E1 2=B1 3=C2 4=E2 5=B2 6=C1 SC74 1=E1 2=B1 3=C2 4=E2 5=B2 6=C1 SOT666 1 Jun-14-2004 BCR141.../SEMH1 Maximum Ratings Parameter [ ... ]

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